Monday, October 20, 2014

Handcrafted by Alison Glass has arrived!!

Alison Glass has been working with Andover on this new collection of fabrics for a while now and we're so excited to finally get them in stock. Let's take a closer look at Alison Glass Handcrafted.

Plus in Teal, Chartreuse, and Lagoon (more on prints below)
Handcrafted is a collection of hand dyed and hand stamped prints (hence the name). It's no surprise that Alison's color choices are all absolutely stunning and the prints are a modern, minimalistic, and clean take on a traditional batik processed fabrics. Take note though, these are nothing like any batik you've seen before. I feel like these prints really redefine how modern quilters see batik-processed/hand dyed fabrics.

The batik process is a really labor intensive and fascinating thing. Basically, batiks are any fabrics that are hand dyed and printed with a wax resist (so wax is applied to the fabric and then it's dyed and the spots that had wax on them don't absorb the dye-- salts are often applied too to give that textured crackly look). The batiks many of us think of are hand dyed with a really improvisational method and it's almost random how the wax and dye lie. Alison worked with Andover to take these ancient techniques for fabric dyeing and create something completely new and modern. Each of these fabrics is meticulously stamped to convey exactly the look and feel Alison has imagined.

Handcrafted includes five prints: Bouquet, Plus, Geese, Penny, and Petal (a gorgeous border print).

Bouquet in Duck Egg. Also in Ruby and Yarrow

Plus in Shortbread. Also in Chartreuse,  Lagoon, Strawberry, and Teal.
Geese in Lichen. Also in Storm, Graphite, and Tomato.
Penny in Fossil. Also in Beet, Peacock, and Navy.
Petal in Charcoal. Also in Eggplant.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Get up and Go skirt

You might have heard that Deborah of Whipstitch is introducing a new series of sewing patterns. The 'Learn As You Go' patterns are great, whether you're a beginner or a more experienced sewist.
I had the opportunity to test out the Get Up and Go Skirt last week, with wonderful results!

Let me start by saying, this is really more than a pattern. Deborah provides videos for each step of the way, which can help you through any difficulties. You can ignore them, but if you are sewing your very first thing ever, the videos will guide you on your journey! I consider my self an intermediate garment sewer, but I watched most of the videos, and learned a few new things.

Deborah also provides a checklist as part of the pattern. For list-loving people (like myself), I enjoyed checking off each step as I went. Oh, and Deborah gives you an option to print ONLY your size. It is so much cleaner than multi-size patterns, and helps to prevent cutting (or tracing) the wrong size.
The skirt came together pretty quickly. I always recommend cutting/prepping fabric one day, and start sewing after a break. I tend to rush through the sewing if I'm tired from the prep!

For my first version, I chose a voile fabric, and I just cut out a second skirt from this fun Jeni Baker Geometric Bliss print.

I see myself making many more Get Up and Go skirts in the near future!

I really recommend that you check out the Get Up and Go skirt, and keep an eye out for future Learn as You Go patterns from Whipstitch!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Classes are starting again at Pink Castle!

This post will cater a little more specifically to our local friends but I wanted to share with all of you anyway!

We have a new class coming to our shop (hopefully in our new location) featuring a new teacher! Anke Trampler will be joining us starting later this month for an introductory sewing class.

This class will be a six-week long course that will cover the basics of machine sewing including fabric selection, reading and understanding patterns, pressing/pinning, interfacing, zippers, buttonholes, and all those other important steps required for successful sewing projects. It's a really great course covering tons of material!

Anke will walk students through all the steps of the sewing process from prep work to finishing and in the process will help students complete four projects: an infinity scarf, a throw pillow with tassels, and a cute sleep set with lounge pants and an eye mask!

You can save a spot for yourself or a budding sewist in our Modern Sewing Essentials class by clicking here under "General Sewing".

Feel free to share our flyer for the class too, if you know of some folks who may be interested in trying their hand at sewing!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall Wardrobes and a Pattern Sale!

As the seasons are already starting to change here in Michigan (we're already experiencing temperatures below 60, it's rough) we've got fall wardrobes on the brain. I'm excited for cozy layers and not having to worry about boiling to death outside. So I've uncovered patterns for some awesome pieces I'd love to add to my wardrobe this fall!

Liesel & Co's Metro T-Shirt

First, Liesel & Co's Metro T-Shirt is a great staple year round. With a super simple fit and options for short or long sleeves, the Metro tee is something you could wear every single day. There's even a pattern for a men's cut!

And a men's version!

The Meridian cardigan by Imagine Gnats is exactly the kind of cardigan I want to cocoon myself in for the duration of the long cold season up here. The pattern suggests medium weight jersey (like all these yummy jersey knits or gorgeous Anna Maria Horner overlock knits). Plus it's reversible so it's practically like sewing one garment and walking away with two.

Ah yes, the perfect cardigan cocoon for fall.

This Late Lunch Tunic is the perfect top to pair with leggings-- for days when real pants just aren't going to make the cut. I love the look of the sample made up with chambray. This would look and feel awesome in Peppered Cotton for a similar heathered solid look! If that's not your thing, or maybe your seasons are not quite as harsh as they are here in Michigan, this would be awesome made out of lawn or voile (like how gorgeous would it be in this Gramercy voile?)

With leggings or jeans, this tunic is perfect cozy for fall weather!

Let's not leave out the kiddos! Blank Slate's Basic Blazer and Figgy's Nituna swing line coat are adorable staples for stylish little ones. These would be great made out of a bit heavier substrate like a cotton-linen blend or oxford. That Nituna coat would be adorable with one of the Alice in Wonderland oxfords!

The perfect little boy's blazer
For the fashionable little ladies in your life!

Now through the weekend you can take 10% off all pattern orders with the code PATTERN10! Time to start stitching! 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Paint by Carrie Bloomston is in stock!

So excited to say that Paint by Carrie Bloomston (of SUCH Designs) is in stock here at Pink Castle Fabrics! This collection is so unique and definitely caught my eye at spring Quilt Market, I'm thrilled to finally see it on our shelves.

Paint Brushes in Light Multi

This collection is (surprise surprise) paint inspired. With brushes, color wheels, and paint swatches, you can see how all the elements of this collection came together.

Paint Swatches in Multi-- my personal favorite print in this line!
Circle Clippings in Grey

Paint also includes a text print and I know everyone loves a good text print. Paint Newspaper comes in a standard black and white as well as purple and red.

Paint Newspaper in White

Paint Newspaper in Purple

Paint Newspaper in Red

There are a lot of really cool collage inspired prints in this line too that have interesting texture and will add a unique dimension to your projects. Prints like Woven Clippings, Quilted Clippings, and Flower Clippings feature bits of the Newspaper print!

Woven Clippings in Blue

Quilted Clippings in Yellow (also in Purple and Red)

Flower Clippings in Blue (also in Purple and Red)
To accompany all these gorgeous prints, the line also comes with eight almost solids. These colors are printed in a manner that might, from a distance, look solid but actually show big brush strokes! 

Brush Strokes in Green (also in Blue, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow)

Yardage for all of these prints is now listed and available on our site here!