Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Time for another season of Golden Tickets!

This summer, we're celebrating Pink Castle's fourth Golden Ticket sale so this year, we're going to give away five awesome grand prizes! If you don't know what our Golden Ticket sale is, the gist is that for ever $50 you spend in store or online, you'll get a little yellow ticket that includes some sort of prize. You may be one of our lucky grand prize winners or you'll get a coupon code for you to use on an order. Every single ticket includes a prize and there are only 2000 tickets to give away! Here's a look at our grand prizes (with some contest details below):

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8900QCP ($4000 value)! 
The Memory Craft 8900 is one of Janome's best machines on the market. With 270 stitches (sewing up to 1000 stitches per minute), a super high presser foot lift (making your quilting that much easier), 11 one-step button holes, 11" of throat space, AND an extension table included, the 8900 is really anyone's dream machine. Its speed is great for piecing, the throat space and table are great for those of us who do our own quilting, and tons of adorable decorative stitches are great for details on apparel. Unfortunately, as per Janome policies, we cannot ship this machine internationally. If you live outside the US and receive the Golden Ticket for this machine, you will instead receive a Pink Castle gift card for $1500. While it's not a free machine, you could buy almost a whole new stash with that!

Janome DC2015 sewing machine ($700 value)! 
The DC2015 performs 60 stitches, including 6 one-step buttonholes, and all the conveniences of a high-end machine like easy reverse buttons, auto lock stitch, and speed control slider all in a small, lightweight, and adorable machine. Portable enough to take to sewing retreats and dependable enough for every day use, the DC2015 is a great and versatile machine! I personally brought one of these cuties home just a couple weeks ago and I love it. Unfortunately, as per Janome policies, we cannot ship this machine internationally. If you live outside the US and receive the Golden Ticket for this machine, you will instead receive a Pink Castle gift card for $400. Still not such a bad deal! $400 buys an awful lot of fabric :)

Ticket to Glamp Stitchalot 2016 ($550 value)! 
Taking place June 2-5, 2016 in Ann Arbor, MI, we'll be hosting the second Glamp Stitchalot. If you're the recipient of this Golden Ticket, you're getting in for free! Hang out with us and learn how to make a mystery row quilt designed by our teachers Ayumi Mills, Rashida Coleman-Hale, Carolyn Friedlander, Elizabeth Hartman, Monica Solorio-Snow, and Penny Layman. If this is you, email me at and we'll get you set up! If you can't attend the event, the ticket is transferrable so you're welcome to pass it along to someone who might like to go! Otherwise, we can provide a $350 Pink Castle gift certificate instead.

1 year of Stash Stack Club fat quarter bundles ($360 value)! 
For the past 12 months, we've been setting aside a Full Stack, Fat Quarter bundle of each month of our Stash Stack Club. If you have the lucky Golden Ticket, you'll receive ALL of those bundles! That's 144 fat quarters in a whole rainbow of blenders to add to your stash. If you want more info about our Stash Stack Club and how it works, you can check that out over here.

1 year of Quilt Now ($155 value)! 
Like Stash Stack, we've been setting aside copies of the first year of Quilt Now issues. If you're the winner of this prize, you'll get the first 12 issues of Quilt Now to be published! Each issue of Quilt Now includes at least 20 projects and some sort of freebie gift so if you're the Quilt Now prize winner, you've got 240 projects and 12 goodies to play with!

In addition to all those amazing grand prizes, FIVE tickets will include coupon codes for $100 off a Pink Castle order, TEN will have $50 off coupon codes, TWENTY will have $25 off codes, and FIFTY will have $10 codes! Every other ticket will include $5 off a Pink Castle order. That's like the value of half a yard of quilting for free!

Now here are the logistics of this whole deal:
  1. Starting today, July 1, with every order you place at Pink Castle at $50 or more, you will receive a Golden Ticket tucked into your order. Tickets will not be included in any orders placed before 12:00a.m. on July 1. 
  2. You'll earn an additional Golden Ticket for every $50 you spend beyond that! The total must be an increment of $50 before any discounts, shipping, tax, all that and orders cannot be combined to meet the minimum. For example, if you spend $130 on an order, you'll get two tickets. If you place two $25 orders, you get no tickets. 
  3. Clubs, Glamp ticket payments, presale orders, and gift certificates do not count for this deal. Orders must be placed on our site or in person in the store.
  4. You can use your ticket coupon code on orders placed after August 15, 2015 but before September 30, 2015. After September 30, the discount codes will expire. 
  5. To find out the amount of your gift certificate, input the coupon code on the Golden Ticket at checkout on your next order. Don't forget, every ticket is a winner! Your prize could be $5-$100 off your next order!
We are only giving away 2000 Golden Tickets. Once they're gone, that's it! If you have any additional questions, feel free to leave a comment or send us an email at! Happy shopping!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Janome Kickoff Sale!

To celebrate our new inventory of Janome sewing machines, we have some awesome deals for you guys! Essentially, when you purchase a new Janome machine, you'll earn 10% of that price tag back in notions and/or gift cards! This sale is only going on through the weekend (ending June 28th, 2015 at midnight) so take advantage of these while you can. Here's a little more info on our special offer machines:

The Horizon Memory Craft 12000 is one of Janome's top of the line machines and it's absolutely incredible. This machine includes an astounding 425 different stitches including 10 alphabets to stitch with, 91 needle positions, 11" of throat space, and does everything you might need in terms of embroidery. There is almost nothing this machine can't do! When you purchase a 12000 through the Janome Kickoff Sale at $6999, you'll receive $700 worth of goodies to go along with it!!

First, you'll get a $320 gift card for Pink Castle-- that's essentially cash back in your pocket for fabric, patterns, thread, you name it. Next, you'll receive $200 worth of notions including Aurifil, Wonder Clips, Olfa rotary blades, Schmetz machine needles, and Tulip hand sewing needles and pins. PLUS, because the 12000 is so embroidery-capable, you'll receive our limited edition embroidery package including $180 worth of embroidery thread and a thread color card! That's an insane amount of freebies!

Love machine embroidery? We've got you covered! Janome offers a range of stand alone embroidery machines including the MB-4S, pictured above. The MB-4S is an incredible four needle embroidery machine for your home. With memory to store up to 100 different embroidery designs and patterns, this machine is an embroiderer's dream. Plus, when you order an MB-4S during the Janome Kickoff Sale, you'll also receive $420 to spend at Pink Castle and a massive kit of embroidery thread worth $180! We also have the Memory Craft 350E and 200E if you're looking to venture into the world of individual embroidery machines but maybe aren't ready for the power of the MB-4S. Those machines will come with $130 and $50 Pink Castle gift certificates, respectively. 

Next up is the Memory Craft JNH 7700QCP, or the 7700 for short. If you like the appeal of the 12000's capability to do everything but are maybe overwhelmed by all it has to offer, the 7700 would be a comfortable machine for you. For $2499, the 7700 still features 250 stitches, including 3 alphabets, 11 different one-step buttonholes, and still offers 11" of throat space. Plus, the 7700 still comes with a $50 Pink Castle gift certificate and $200 worth of notions including Aurifil, Wonder Clips, Olfa rotary blades, Schmetz machine needles, and Tulip hand sewing needles and pins. 

Next up, we have the 1600P-QC and the Memory Craft 6300 Pro. These machines are both priced at $999 but are very different machines appealing to different needs. I thought I'd break that down a little bit for you guys!

The 1600P-QC is a true workhorse machine. It is a mechanical straight stitch machine meaning there is no computer helping monitor your tension, stitch length/width, etc. But it gets its name from the fact that it sews 1600 stitches per minute. That figure seems abstract until you see how insanely fast that is! This machine only sews straight stitches so if you need zigzags or anything fancy, this machine won't do it. But, if you're a quilter, this machine is your dream. Your piecing and quilting come together so much faster on one of these. The 1600P is a favorite machine of many professional quilters and sewists! You can order your 1600P-QC here.

The Memory Craft 6300 Pro is a more versatile machine. With 66 stitches, 4 one-step button holes, automatic tension control, and the ability to program up to 50 stitch combinations, the 6300 is definitely more well-rounded than the 1600P. If you're looking for an affordable machine that can do it all, the 6300 is your girl. You can order your Memory Craft 6300 Pro here.

And, of course, both of these machines come with extras! Whether it's the 1600P or 6300 that's calling your name, you'll be able to take home $100 worth of notions including Wonder Clips, Olfa rotary blades, Schemtz machine needles, Aurifil, and Tulip hand sewing needles and pins when you place your order before the 28th.

Last, and certainly not least, is the DC2015. The DC2015 performs 60 stitches, including 6 one-step buttonholes, and all the conveniences of a high-end machine like easy reverse buttons, auto lock stitch, and speed control slider all in a small, lightweight, and adorable machine. I personally brought one of these home just a couple weeks ago! Portable enough to take to sewing retreats and dependable enough for every day use, the DC2015 is a great if you're looking to buy your first or are looking for a backup. Plus, when you order before the 28th, this little guy comes with a $50 notions kit including Wonder Clips, two large spools of Aurifil, Schmetz sewing machine needles, as well as Tulip hand sewing needles and glass head pins.

An Important Note about Janome Machines

  1. Per Janome's policies, we cannot ship sewing machines internationally. We are more than happy to supply any Janome parts and accessories such as feet, bobbins, software, etc anywhere across the world. Luckily, those things are all pretty universal!
  2. Coupon codes will not be applicable on sewing machines. Again, as per Janome policies, machines must be sold no less than their designated price thus discount codes will not be honored on the purchase of a machine.
  3. Because these machines are larger and heavier than fabric, shipping will take a little bit longer than your standard orders from Pink Castle. Please allow 7-10 business days for machine shipping!

Friday, April 10, 2015

New Collections from Art Gallery Fabrics

Hello, blog friends!

This week, Art Gallery debuted ten new lines (!!!) that will be released this spring and summer, leading into fall. There's tons to see so let's take a look.

Anna Elise is the latest collection from Bari J. This line features bunnies, guitars, and free spirited florals with the namesake young girl on horseback. I love the teal and orange tones in this line as well as teeny tiny pops of metallic! Anna Elise arrives in shops in May.

We had Caroline Hulse's first collection, Gleeful, when she debuted her fabric designing skills as an Art Gallery Limited Edition designer last spring. She's been hired on to AGF's permanent design team with her new line Happy Home. My favorite prints are that bias scallopy stripe, her big hand painted text, and cutesy cartoon houses. Love the rich navy with all those bright colors! Happy Home arrives in stores in May as well.

So happy to have a new collection from Jeni Baker!! Her color palette with this line, titled Curiosities, is so rich and gorgeous and the prints are adorable (as usual). I love the scallop but my favorite print, by far, is the bunnies! George the bunny is on fabric!! Just when I thought Jeni's fabric couldn't get any cuter, she does that. Curiosities ships out in June.

We still have Skopelos coming from Katarina Roccella in May but in this unveiling, we get to see TWO more collections from this busy lady! First is Imprint. Prints in this line are wonderfully clean and geometric, drawing inspiration from printmaking and linotype. The colors on this one will play really well with Etno and Maker, if you have some of those in your stash. Imprint arrives in stores in June. 

Sketchbook is Sharon Holland's second collection with Art Gallery. Lots of soft pinks, greens, and gold accented with rich indigo in these prints. I love the pen and ink prints-- they look like scans from a page of my own sketchbook! Other favorites are the scattered square blender and big poofy dandelion wisps. Sketchbook ships to stores in July.

April Rhodes's third collection from Art Gallery, Bound, comes out this summer. Much like her first two, Bound has southwestern vibes. Her rich color palette is my favorite thing about April's line and this one introduces a gorgeous jade green and cerulean blue, both of which I'm gushing over, combined with signature golden mustard, burnt orange, and soft, warm greys (all of which I have happily come to expect from April). Bound arrives in stores in July.

Playing Pop is the next house designed line from Art Gallery. With prints ranging from floral to abstract, this line will be super versatile and will play well with tons in our stashes (Geometric Bliss, a little Petal and Plume, Dreamin' Vintage perhaps?) with minty greens, soft plums, and sugary pink on creamy backgrounds. Playing Pop ships out in August.

Pat Bravo's Artisan is a nod to handmade craft and makers who create them. Colors in this collection are wonderfully saturated and prints nod to quilting, watercolors, embroidery, and the natural texture of textiles.  Artisan ships to stores in August.

New from Bonnie Christine is Succulence.  This line features pen and ink style line drawings of cacti and other flora, polygons, rain drops, and several great low volume prints. Her colors vary from rich jewel tones to fresh pastels. My favorite print is definitely those prickly pear cacti! Succulence arrives in shops in September.

Last, and certainly not least, is Wonderland, Katarina Roccella's second collection from Art Gallery in this unveiling. As an clear nod to Alice in Wonderland, this collection takes us all on a trip down the rabbit hole. Tea sets, camouflaged owls, whimsical flowers and dolls all make big statements in this new take on a classic tale. Wonderland ships to stores in September.

Check out this look book for bigger swatches of all the prints from these collections!

What are you guys excited for? Any collections you're thrilled about? Are there trends you'll pass on? 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Camp Stitchalot fun!

Happy New Year, friends!! I hope everyone had a great holiday season and is ready for all the exciting things to come in 2015. I know I am!

I realized a few days ago that I totally forgot to share all the fun we had at Camp Stitchalot this fall!! It was such a blast and insanely productive so I thought I should tell you guys a little bit about that weekend and talk a little bit more about our camp this coming May. Hold on, guys. This is a long post.

In November, we had the privilege of hosting Carolyn Friedlander and Sherri Lynn Wood at our shop and at the Hankered Inn. Carolyn was kind enough to teach her new Outhouse pattern in a small class at our shop before the festivities of camp weekend set in. This pattern is so cute and a really great place to start for a beginning paper piecer.

Carolyn's class was the first one held in our new shop!
Carolyn's Outhouse samples made for our class (from her IG)
Local friend Maggie's cute, wintery houses made in class! (From her IG)

At camp we were treated to an trunk show with Carolyn, showing off her awesome needle turn appliqué, paper piecing, and quilting skills. I was dying a little bit-- she's one of my favorites. I love her style with simple and clean lines but it's done in a really organic way. So cool.

Our first class at camp was with Carolyn too. She taught us the basics of needle turn appliqué by way of the Aerial Grove quilt from her book Savor Each Stitch. The book does a great job discussing different elements of design in direct application to quilting. It's definitely one of the first books I pull when I'm looking for a little inspiration or if I feel stuck in a project.

Carolyn's "Facing East" pattern. Such a cool pattern for a color study.
Love her "Aerial Grove"-- her background with whites, low volume
prints, and soft yellows feels "solid" but adds just enough dimension
to a large area of negative space. 
Personally, I was super intimidated by learning needle turn appliqué. I'd never successfully done this technique before (I may or may not have attempted to make this quilt at our summer Camp Stitchalot and quickly abandoned the project). But her style of thread basting was super helpful! I loved seeing all the fabric choices around the room for this project too. By the end of the weekend, everyone had mastered the "squircle"!

Rose went with Liberty-- a perfect way to spotlight those
gorgeous, itty bitty prints! (From her IG)
My mom Cherie went to camp with us and she opted for
Alison Glass's Handcrafted with some Cotton+Steel on
Essex Yarn Dyed linen. 

Here's mine-- I've got 3 out of 4 rows appliquéd so far.
I'm determined to finish this one ASAP and hand quilt
it. I see a new bed quilt in my future!

On Saturday, Sherri Lynn Wood taught us all the ways of curvy improv. The class started after breakfast with a little guided meditation which was awesome. Everyone was calm, centered, and ready to go attack their improv projects. We spent the first half hour or so working in silence and focusing on our own fabrics. Sometimes the atmosphere at camp is a little hectic-- everything is exciting and we're all making new friends so it's easy to get distracted. This exercise had everyone totally in the zone.

Sherri Lynn did a great job in pushing people out of their color comfort zones. She challenged us to throw in fabrics we never thought we would use and for most of us, the results were surprisingly awesome.

So much curvy goodness! And such color! (From our IG)

We also learned some awesome tricks about sewing with curves using bias cut strips and even darts to get our quilts to lay flat! Look at all these awesome curvy pieces made by campers.

Karen's color choices are killer and the Alison Glass Handcrafted
is the perfect pop of print! (From her IG)
Here's Brenda's improv. It almost killed her to put in that strip of
bright pink but it looks awesome! (From her IG)
Our friend Stephanie finished a top made from her improv wedges
made with a whole bunch of Paint by Carrie Bloomston. Awesome
job, Steph!! (From her IG)

All in all, we got tons of stuff done. This was, by far, the most productive retreat I've ever been to. Everyone was so into their new projects and it was awesome to see some finishes!

Now let's talk about camp this May. I'm pretty excited for this one because I know I'm going to learn a ton. We have Christine Haynes, Alexia Abegg, Rae Hoekstra, and Karen Lepage teaching us the basics of garment/dress construction.

Our awesome teachers: Christine Haynes (top left), Alexia Abegg (top right),
 Rae Hoekstra (bottom left), and Karen Lepage (bottom right).

I'm not much of a garment sewist myself and I will credit that to two things:

  1. Fit-- I am 5'11, my proportions are different from a woman of average height, and I don't know what to do with a pattern to make it look right. Whether you're busty (or not at all) or you're more pear shaped (or maybe you don't have a butt), short or tall, fit is always super scary. No one wants to waste their time making something that is going to fit weird. If I wanted that, I could walk into any retail store and pick something off the rack.
  2. Finishing techniques-- I love the idea of handmade garments but I do not want that "homemade" look. Basically, I lack the finishing skills to make a garment look high quality if I'm sewing it myself.

Luckily, over the course of the weekend, we'll be learning all sorts of tips and tricks to help remedy those concerns. Over the weekend, our guest instructors will be teaching to a brand new shift dress pattern by Alexia Abegg. The pattern isn't released until spring market (early May) but from what I've seen so far, I can tell you guys it's going to be super cute and will be a sewing success story for any of our campers. As soon as more info for this pattern is released, it will be forwarded along to campers!

So with classes this weekend, we'll first learn about proper pattern sizing/measuring, the functions of muslin making, and how to do simple adjustments. Basically, how to pick a pattern and prep for it. I always forget how important and time consuming prep work is so we're going to talk about all of that. Next, we'll learn about bust adjustment. This will be a simple instruction on small or full bust adjustment and will help improve the fit of the dress without changing the style. Hooray!!

After that, we'll take all of our adjusted busts and go into the rest of bodice construction including things like darting, shoulder seams, side seams, and even adding sleeves. Almost a whole dress is ready at this point! Finally, we'll go over simple finishing techniques to really polish your garment. Learn about hemming by machine or by hand, different seam finishes, bra strap stays, and even discuss the use of different specialty fabrics in future projects.

Like any other camp, our teachers are here to give you one-on-one assistance with your projects and help you through any questions you have along the way. That's really the beauty of Camp Stitchalot. You get to work right along with the pros in a small group for a whole weekend and get hands-on help while you're working.

So much learning to look forward to! Will you be joining us at Camp Stitchalot??

Head to the Camp Stitchalot page on our site for more info or click here to get your ticket while you can!

Friday, December 12, 2014

New clubs with Pink Castle!

Hello, friends!! I know our blog has been a little quiet in the past few weeks. We've been at Camp Stitchalot (which I'll tell you more about another day) and we've been working on some really cool new things which I'm happy to share with you guys now!

First, we're adding a block of the month club! Starting in January, we'll have the new Moccasin BOM from GenX quilters!

Block of the Month clubs are pretty simple and we're happy to introduce the first from us! Each month, members of the Moccasin BOM Club will receive a pattern and all the pieces of fabric they'll need to create that month's designated 9 1/2" square block. The club lasts for 12 months so you'll get a block from us each month through all of 2015! By the end of the year, you'll have 12 finished blocks and all the fabric to finish your 65" x 65" quilt top plus binding. We'll have backing kits ready for you too as the year comes to a close. 

The Moccasin quilt is a really great way to expand your repertoire with traditional techniques like half square triangles, flying geese, nine patches, and rail fences as well as some more challenging piecing with curves, strings, and appliqué for a Dresden plate. 

The cost is $11.25 per month (plus shipping). Your club membership will bill on the 18th every month and ship on the 23rd. You can head to the Moccasin BOM page here to sign up and keep an eye out for a quilt along with the other Pink Castle Hayley blogger.

Next, something I'm really excited about, is our new Notions Club! This club is basically a subscription service for notions you use on a regular basis-- rotary blades, Aurifil thread (we have a few options for colors in either 50wt or 40wt), sewing machine needles, Sewline glue pen refills, and our favorite Soak products like Flatter, Soak Wash, and Handmaid. 

For the notions club, you simply click a little check box for each product you want included in your box and we ship it to you at the end of each month. Never worry about running out of your essentials again! We'll make sure you're always well stocked on the notions you need. You can read more about the Notions Club and sign up over here.

Last, but certainly not least, we're offering a new Monthly Club Box. If you subscribe to more than one of our clubs (which I know many of you do), this will make shipping much simpler for everyone. Rather than paying shipping on each club bundle that gets mailed to you, the Club Box will let you pay one flat fee for shipping and all your bundles sent out in one big parcel each month.

Shipping for the club box will be $5.75 in the US, $11.00 for our Canadian friends, and $15.00 everywhere else internationally. It's only a buck (for the US, three bucks for everyone else) per club to add it to your box and we'll ship it out to you on the 30th of each month! Check out the Monthly Club Box page for more info on simplifying your club shipping.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Priory Square is here!!

Art Gallery hinted around for a while this summer before finally announcing who their new Limited Edition designers would be. You can imagine how excited we were to hear it was our lovely dear friend, Katy Jones. It feels like ages since this announcement was made and we've been ever so patiently waiting the arrival of her prints. I am so happy to say that day has finally come!

Katy's collection has eight prints on quilting weight cotton plus two knits (Cottagely Posy and Clover Field) and her feature print, Sunday Clippings, in voile. Her booth at market was so gorgeous and had lots of projects made up with all the different substrates.

Cute dresses and things made up in knit, voile, and quilting cotton!
Katy's new Aurifil thread box and an Open Wide Pouch (free tutorial here!)
with Sunday Clippings on top and that gorgeous map print on the bottom
Love this Sew Together Bag! And that rose print in metallic ink is killer.
And of course a cute Katy pattern (also seen in issue #1 of Quilt Now)
How cute is this booth?! I want Priory Square bunting in every corner of my home!

And of course a few copies of Quilt Now in the booth!
Yardage and bundles are listed on our site here for you to order. If you ordered from our pre-sale, we'll be getting all these beauties to you as soon as possible! I loved all of the projects I got to see from Katy in Houston and I look forward to seeing what all you whip up!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

318 Patchwork Quilt Along!

The very awesome Allegory at A Thousand Needles has been hosting a quilt along for the 318 Patchwork Patterns book! She started in mid October and each week, she'll feature four blocks with a guest quilter and a giveaway. Her inaugural post with all those details can be found here (along with weeks one and two).

This week (or rather last week but given our shop move, it's been pretty chaotic around here) the guest on Al's blog is our very own Brenda Ratliff! She owns Pink Castle Fabrics, in case you were not already aware. She rules.

Brenda made block #5 from the book, this sweet ice cream cone. I told her she should make all the sweet treat blocks into a pillow set because how cute would that be?! Brenda put the time into nice finishing techniques too like a hidden zipper and contrast binding. You can read more about her experience working from this book and making the pillow over on her blog.

There have been a bunch of cute blocks stitched together so far-- mugs, apples, ducks, shooting stars, hearts, and this super cute little tulip!

This tulip, a shooting star, and heart featured in week 1!

A duck (block #95) pieced by Allegory
A chicken (block #99) pieced by guest blogger from week 2, Penny from SewTakeAHike

The 318 Patchwork Patterns book uses the freezer paper method of paper piecing which some of you may not be familiar with (I know I'm not). Al was also kind enough to put together a great tutorial on how to do this method of paper piecing!

I was really excited to get this book in the shop as soon as I found out we'd be carrying it and now seeing all these blocks worked up in pretty fabrics is so awesome. They're even cuter than I thought they'd be! If you're interested in seeing more projects made with some of these adorable paper pieced blocks, Zakka Workshop is also organizing a blog hop to show off all the things you can make from the book! Here's the full schedule for that: