Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jeni Baker's Lined Drawstring Bag

Well, it's summer, and that means two things: travel, and kids going off to camp. We'll soon send our eldest off for a week at sleepaway camp for the first time, and I'm starting to think about all the supplies she'll need. I remember my mother made me a laundry bag when I went to camp.

Jeni Baker's got a great laundry bag solution, the lined drawstring bag. The pattern has directions for eight different sizes. It has a myriad of uses.

Recently, Pink Castle Fabrics's owner, Brenda (who blogs at Just a Bit Frayed), whipped up a few lined drawstring bags for her family's summer travels. I especially like the one with the koalas on the beach!

She has also put together a kit for making that adorable Little Red Riding Hood bag. Using these darling fabrics by Tasha Noel, and a coordinating red dot, it also includes the full pattern.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Quilt when? Quilt Now!!

There's a new kid on the block in the little world of modern quilting. Quilt Now has arrived from the UK and we're excited to bring it to you!

Many of you know Katy Jones. We love Katy Jones. Maybe you haven't noticed just how much we love Katy Jones (it's a lot). As editor in chief, this magazine is truly her baby and as lovely as she is. If you're a fan of hers, read her blog, follow her Instagram or Twitter, you probably like many of the same things she does. So basically, if you like what she likes, you'll love the magazine.

Everything published in Quilt Now is commissioned specifically for the magazine and is approved by Katy's artful eye. Full of quilts, bags, and other handmade goodies, she understands what modern quilters are really doing because she is a modern quilter! Each issue will feature a theme or common color palette, and projects from one month to the next will be completely fresh and different from the previous issue.

The first issue is sorbet themed. You'll notice beautiful, creamy pastels as well as punchy bright hues in the fabrics used to make tons of gorgeous projects. You'll be itching to start-- because who doesn't need more projects to work on?

If you love the color palette in this first issue, you might want to check out the coordinating blogger bundle she put together just for us! Feel free to pick one up here.

Quilt Now also comes with bonus pattern pieces, printed on separate paper. So no more sacrificing pages or photo copying to get your pattern. Katy handled it all for you. She even threw in a mini pin cushion project with supplies included. She's really too kind.

You can subscribe to Quilt Now through us and as of now, we are the only US distributor for the magazine. Don't worry, we're happy to ship internationally as well, just like we do with our fabric and other goodies. If you're not ready to commit and sign up for a subscription, we now have individual issues listed for sale. 

While we don't know what next month has in store for us, Katy's posted some previews for a gorgeous quilt pattern shown two ways (and one of them is all Cotton + Steel).  If you haven't subscribed yet, make sure you're on board before the August issue is here in a few weeks!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Sewing- Road Trip Case!

I made my first Road Trip Case because I needed somewhere to tote around my English Paper Piecing supplies, and I'm a sucker for organization. (You can see it on my blog here).

Then I had to make another one because one of my family members was adamant that she needed  a pink one:

I chose a few prints to feature from Heather Bailey's new line Up Parasol, and backed them up with a number of pink blenders from my stash. And a few Tula Pink horses for my horse crazy girl.

It's a great pattern, very thoroughly written, with a vinyl pocket that's straightforward to install. It uses fat quarter amounts of fabric (four is suggested), making it a great place use fabrics you love but maybe don't have a lot of. And it's versatile! Although many people use it as a traveling sewing or craft kit, it would be also excellent for managing small toys for travel with kids. And those little pockets are not as little as they look! They can hold a lot of things.

Of course, having made a bag, I have to cruise around the internet and see how other people have made theirs! Here are a few I've especially admired:

One of my favorites is this one made by the pattern's designer, Anna Graham of Noodlehead, using fabrics from Rae Hoekstra's Lotus Pond collection:

It has a bright orange exterior:

That contrasts with its cool blue interior. And of course, those adorable snails!

Erin from House on Hill Road made her Road Trip Case with Lizzy House fabrics to hold embroidery supplies:

Laurel of Sing All You Want made her Road Trip Case sewing kit with some Moda favorites and Denyse Schmidt fabrics:

Krista of Spotted Stones made two Road Trip Cases:

 One features Anna Maria Horner fabric:

And the other with Lizzy House and Carolyn Friedlander fabrics using the long pocket version of the pattern:

I hope you're inspired to try something new! If you make a Road Trip Case, we'd love to see it, and all your other projects, in our Made With Pink Castle Fabrics Flickr group!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Everything New At Pink Castle!

It's been a huge week for us, with the arrival of Cotton+Steel and Quilt Now, but that's not all that's new at Pink Castle!

Back by popular demand is the Secret Stash Box!

Each Secret Stash Box contains 50 different fat quarters, selected from all the quilting cotton available in our shop. The cost is just $80 ($6.40 a yard)! It's a great way to add depth to your stash. And you'll get a Golden Ticket with it (as long as we have tickets left)! Spend an extra $20 and get a second Golden Ticket as well as free shipping (if you live in the U.S.).

Katrina Roccella's Indelible just arrived. It's full of natural motifs juxtaposed with colors and imagery you wouldn't necessarily expect to see in a woodland setting. It's a mature, dream-like collection, and I absolutely love it.

The colors of Gleeful, from Sew Caroline and Art Gallery, practically pop off the fabric. Blossoms and stripes and dots and squiggles dance on fields of blue and gold and pink. Described as 'the story of a young, carefree woman in pursuit of her dreams', this is a fun collection to have and to play with! It's also an Art Gallery Limited Edition, so grab it now!

Enchanted, from Sarah Fielke and Windham Fabrics, is everything its name implies. Imagine brightly colored peacocks strutting through magical gardens and you've got the right idea. Every print is overflowing with color!

And to top it all off, lots of new Nani Iro double-gauze! Take a look at all these beautiful, super soft prints. These amazing two-play gauzes are perfect for summer garment-making (and, of course, quilt making)!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A finished Poolside Tote

I'm back from an amazing beachy trip, and I have to say, my new Poolside Tote had quite the workout.

I used it as my carry-on bag for the trip, and everyday, I carried my towel, camera, sunscreen, and other essentials in it. I highly recommend this pattern, whether you are taking a trip of your own, or heading to the neighborhood pool. You might want to add an interior pocket, and I omitted the key loop.

It's a great pattern for showcasing your favorite large scale print, like maybe some Mustang horses or bees!
The bag is not difficult to sew, but I recommend cutting and prepping your pattern pieces and then breaking before sewing. I just feel that I do a better job with fresh eyes and mind.

To the beach!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


When I was at Camp Stitchalot last month, Katy Jones gave us all a quick lesson in English Paper Piecing and a little project to do there or take along home. Now, I have seen hexies around, but never had the urge to try something I thought was a bit too labor and time intensive for a hobby (if you know me, you'd know if I can't get a machine to help me do it, it's quite possibly not worth doing). It's one thing to think, "oh, that's amazing, but I'll never try that!" upon seeing other people's work, but when someone places it into your hands, in Cotton + Steel fabrics no less, you've got to at least do one, right?

Then one turns into 14, because, um, you know how everyone says they're addictive? Well, it just so happens that they're addictive, and also easy:

And 14 turn into a mason jar pincushion:

Katy gave us directions at Camp, but Riley Blake has a fairly similar tutorial here.

And now I'm looking around for another English Paper Piecing project. And I'm going to make a Noodlehead's Road Trip Case to carry all my supplies.

Then maybe I'll attempt this amazing pincushion, made by my friend Melissa from a tutorial by Kristy of St Louis Folk Victorian:

Or something like the patchwork on this Sew Together bag, made by my friend Vicky:

I have a few blogger bundles collected in my stash that would be quite amazing as little bags and pouches like this!

Hopefully I have convinced you to adopt this yourself. It's a good little offshoot to machine quilting, it's great for travel, poolside, or just sitting on the couch, and the supplies you need are few.

All you need to English Paper Piece:
-hexagon papers
-a good handwork needle - I used Black Gold needles, and they are super thin and just the perfect length.
-thread and/or glue (though I just use thread)
-and something to secure the fabric to the paper - a pin, a wonder clip, a paper clip...

Many of these you probably already have, but we do have a paper piecing kit in the shop, which will get you everything but the scissors and fabric. Though, if you're reading this blog, it's likely you have both those things already.

If you're wondering how to get started with hexies, Lori Holt's hexie tutorial on her blog, Bee in my Bonnet is a good place to start.

And if you make any projects with hexies or without, we'd love to see them in our Made with Pink Castle Fabrics Flickr pool.

Monday, July 14, 2014

My First Camp Stitchalot

A guest post by Jacqueline Sava, Director of Possibilities for Soak. 

It started over a Soakbox manicure, as it often does. Whitney (of Pink Castle) was having a manicure in our booth at Quilt Market, the tradeshow for all things quilting, and she kept saying, “Brenda will be over soon, we have to have these products”. Fast forward a few days and a few emails and Brenda had invited me to bring my manicure station and a case of Flatter to Camp Stitchalot

I was excited to wake up early and head to camp Saturday morning. I came for the weekend and the drive to Michigan (from Toronto) was easy.

Arriving at Camp!

When I arrived, there were a few early risers mulling about and the sewing room filled slowly as others woke up. Flatter bottles were scattered around the ironing stations and sewing machines were whizzing along. I was particularly pleased to see that not only were Flatter bottles on the ironing stations but a few campers had also brought their own personal stash. 

I was equally pleased to meet the many campers who prepped their hands for early morning manicure. Now that’s planning! 

A perfect manicure

Highlights from the weekend included meeting new people, sharing new products and of course, enjoying a sunny weekend in the country. Okay, well, it rained Sunday morning, but it was sunny inside.

Fun things happen both when you participate in an event (exploring the Accuquilt cutter) and when you observe (checking out peoples projects) and I did both over the weekend. Learning how Katy plans the colorways for her new magazine, Quilt Now, over breakfast was indeed a treat. Watching Tula show ribbon strike offs and listening as she talked about what worked and what didn't in tests was fascinating. It’s not often that we get glimpses into the production of magazines and ribbon. 

Playing with the Accuquilt

Moving throughout the space, from table to table, I learned about paper piecing, paper piecing templates, handstitching, fussy cutting, apparel, knitwear, and saw everyone’s great Sew Together Bag projects which were created Friday night, led by Kristi of Schnitzel And Boo.  And I really enjoyed watching what projects the guest designers brought to work on. Katy worked on a great project with the new Cotton and Steel fabric and John Adams completed a stunning king-size quilt top. Meanwhile,Tula was hand-stitching her way from room to room.


I'm pretty excited that between manicures and talking about Flatter I was able to get a little sewing time in for myself. That doesn't happen too often so it's a real treat. I worked on the back of my Liberty quilt, inspired by Tula’s Modern Alphabet

Finished quilts on display

An array of finished quilts accumulated over the weekend, above the kitchen on the mezzanine. Apparently this is a typical occurrence but it was new and exciting to me. 

I really enjoyed the late-night conversations that took place when people decided it was too late to sew, or switched to hand-sewing/stitching projects and comfy sofas. I personally have a ‘no rotary cutters after 10pm’ rule, so I’m good with late night chatter.

Attending events is one of the favorite parts of my job. As a product developer, great products are only useful if people find them useful.  At Camp Stitachalot it was confirmed that quilters find Flatter useful (and a great matching manicure is always a bonus). 

The Flatter Collection
We’ve had great follow-up since the even - I’ve made new sewing friends and have been able to guide curious minds over to Pink Castle Fabrics to purchase our new products. We will be at the fall and winter camps again with Flatter and manicures. I highly recommend you get on board. If you’re a camp regular, it was lovely to meet you. If you’re new, you’ll make memories and projects to last a lifetime. 

Visiting Pink Castle for the first time

Oh, and I take full responsibility for the images of Katy Jones eating cheese balls with a seam ripper. I was telling stories of knitters who eat ‘cheetos’ with chopsticks to keep their hands clean…and the rest, as they say, is history.

Want to see more? Head over to Instagram and search hashtag #camptitchalot...it gives you all the visuals you need from the weekend, in chronological order. You can follow me @jacqueline_soak and explore the feeds of other like-minded sewists. Make yourself a cup of tea (Katy educated us on proper English tea making over the weekend), or grab a cocktail (if you were there, you know what your friends would prefer), as you’ll be looking at great pictures for a while.

If you'd like to visit Camp Stitchalot, there are still openings for Fall and Winter 2014. And we'll have more news regarding 2015 camps coming soon!