I've Got a Golden Ticket! - A One Year of Stash Stack Club Giveaway!

It seems like it was just yesterday, but we have now completed a full year of our popular Stash Stack Club!  Jeni Baker from In Color Order and I hatched this club based upon her awesome Art of Choosing series on her blog.  She talks about best "stash builder" fabrics and how to use them with your other prints to create amazing color schemes for quilting.  After reading her series, I looked through my own stash and started refolding and arranging it in color order.  I realized that I had a lot of "main prints" and novelty prints but nothing to go with them!  Every time I wanted to start a new project, I had to go out and buy stash builder or coordinating prints to round out my bundle.  Then when I would go online to shop (my local shops really don't have a ton of modern fabrics available) I would have to sift through all the new lines of fabrics (because that's how shops online buy and arrange their shops) to find the stash builders within collections and hope they match.  By then the inspiration might have passed me by!  

I rearranged my shop and tagged everything that I consider a "stash builder".  A stash builder is a fabric that has only one color or one color and white.  Then I tagged them by color family and Jason helped me set up a section on the right sidebar of Pink Castle Fabrics so you can easily shop all the stash builders that we have in stock:

We now have over 400 stash builders in stock!  I keep searching and reordering all your favorites so you can come to my shop and find just the right color to finish your projects!

I have saved a fat quarter (18" x 22") of every print from the last year!  Here is what one year in Stash Stack Club gets you. Pretty amazing, huh?

Now, I'm going to be giving them all away to one lucky person!  You will win 36 yards of stash builders!  This is an instant stash!  Are you getting excited?  I am.  Oh, yeah!  I should tell you how to win!  All you have to do is get the Grand Prize GOLDEN TICKET!   Starting this Friday, July 19th all orders at Pink Castle Fabrics (in store and online) over $50 will get you a Golden Ticket.  EVERY GOLDEN TICKET IS A WINNER!  You will win a Gift Certificate for Pink Castle Fabrics in one of these amounts: $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 or the Grand Prize of 144 Stash Builder fat quarters!  
Giveaway Details: 
1.  Golden Tickets are only good on orders after July 19th 2013 and until supplies last (over 550 prizes available).  We cannot issue Golden Tickets for orders placed before July 19th, 2013.
2.   One Golden Ticket is issued for every $50 spent (before shipping) in one order.  For example, if you order $134 you will get 2 tickets.  If you have two orders of $25 you get no tickets.   Stash Stack Club and/or No Prints Allowed do not count for the Golden Ticket contest.  This is only for orders placed online at http://PinkCastleFabrics.com or at our in store location in Ann Arbor, MI.
3.   To find out the amount of your gift certificate, input the coupon code on the Golden Ticket at checkout on your next order.  Don't forget, every ticket is a winner!  Your prize could be $5-$100 off your next order!  The Grand Prize ticket will say "Grand Prize" and have information on how to claim your prize.
4.   All Golden tickets will expire August 31st, 2013.
 There are at least 3 $100 Gift Certificates and 6 $50 Gift Certificates available as well as the one Grand Prize.  

We just started a new year of Stash Stack Club so make sure to sign up!  This year we are taking out Navy for the month of August (navy will be mixed in with Blue) and adding in Low Volume!  Low Volume prints are becoming a necessity of the modern stash and the popularity won't be going away any time soon.

Get your orders ready for this weekend!  Good Luck!


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