Meet and Greet Camp Stitchalot Counselor Debbie Grifka

I went to the Pink Castle Fabrics Meet and Greet of the Camp Stitchalot teachers this week. 
 I brought some questions and my friend Stephanie with me and 
we got some great candid info for you on each of the 3 teachers.

First up was our own Debbie Grifka of Esch House Quilts
Debbie is also a member of the AAMQG so I get to see her quite frequently but
 this was the first time I got to spend some one on one time getting to know her.  

I managed to snap a great pic of Debbie and Brenda before I got to sit down with Debbie.

First question: How do you find inspiration for the quilts you make and who is your biggest inspiration?

Debbie finds a lot of her inspiration from  Amish quilts. architechure, and graphic designs.
Some of her earliest inspiration came from the work of Gwen Marsden. 
 She also found a lot of things to admire in the works of Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. 
 Their book The Modern Quilt Workshop provided her with a lot of great quilts containing negative space before people began calling it negative space! 
 Debbie is drawn to shapes and lots of negative space.

Question number 2:  What advice do you have for others interested in designing?

Debbie told me that when designing for yourself you need to figure out what you like. 
 Most people spend a lot of time making other's patterns and don't often take the time to ind their own voice.  She felt like it took her a little while to find her own style but now is comfortable with her work.  
Negative space is IT for Debbie!
If you are looking to design for publication she suggests that submitting to magazines is a good way to begin.  Magazines, Debbie said, are always looking for new designs so just submit, submit, submit!
Guidelines can be found online so don't be afraid to try.

Question 3:  What drew you into the Modern Quilt Movement?

Debbie told me that as her style evolved it just seemed to fit with the modern quilt movement.  
She loves the clean lines of the modern quilts.
  Debbie loves clean and simple!

Then I asked for one random fact.!

Debbie said that most people would never guess that she is a first generation American! 
She was born in England of Australian parents.
She became a citizen when she was 25.

Thanks for all the info Debbie!

Next up will be Jeni Baker and Anna Graham

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