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Hello, January!

As I am writing this, the weather is below zero, no school (again) and I've got sweatpants and a quilt over me to keep warm!  This little stack of purple is reminding me that all this cold and snow will melt away soon enough and we will start to see crocuses and tulips breaking through the thawed soil.  Until then, I will have to sit next to a hot iron and sew!

This month is Jeni Baker's favorite color so I hope she especially likes my picks!


Remember!  You can still get this stack when you sign up before January 10th!  Sign up today and you will start with Purple!

Here's what we've got for you this month:  

1. Dumb Dot in Amethyst - Michael Miller Fabrics2. Pearl Bracelets in Grape Jelly - Lizzy House3. Sketch in Plum - Timeless Treasures Fabric4. Wood Grain in Violet - True Colors by Joel Dewberry5. Tiny Tiles in Violet - Michael Miller Fabrics
6. Domino Dot in Jewel - Waterfront Park by Violet Craft
7. Cottage Path in Plum - Daydream by Swirly Girls Design
8. Sealing Wax in Amethyst - True Colors by Anna Maria Horner
9. Lodge Lattice in Lilac - Aviary 2 by Joel Dewberry
10. Cute Plaid in Purple - Michael Miller Fabrics
11. Bike Path in Lilac - Sun Print by Alison Glass
12. Mini Confetti Dot in Lilac - Dear Stella Design

Until next month!

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