25% Off All Bundles All Week! Plus, We Tell You Our Favorites!

We love bundles at Pink Castle...we love picking out the fabrics, and imagining how they'll go together. It's fun, and gives us a chance to share our creativity with you. And this week we're sharing even more of that love by offering 25% off all our in-stock bundles. All you have to do to save is use our BUNDLE25 code while checking out!

To celebrate, I asked the Pink Castle team what their favorite bundles were. Here's what they told me...


Brenda's current favorite is Garden...and it's been that way for a while. It was her favorite collection at last year's Quilt Market; she loves the pleasing colors and the way the simple designs hide little animals.  

Top Of The Pond

Whitney had trouble picking just one. She loves the way Surf & Sand's palette, full of cools and neutrals, makes you feel warm. At the same time, she digs Top Of The Pond because of its moody jewel tones and how nicely they can accent a low-volume color scheme. 

Go Blue!

Lauren went with Go Blue!, which was the very first bundle she created for us here at Pink Castle. If you know Lauren, you know where her inspiration came from: She just recently graduated from dental school at the University of Michigan and her maize and blue pride is obvious!


Jason immediately pointed to the mini-bundles, like Surf & Sand, or his own Evaporation. "It has direction, but you can add in your own oranges and blues. It's like the seed of bundle. A starter bundle."


Josh picked iHaus, because he loves hexagons! "It has like three hexagon prints!" His excitement about hexagons was palpable, and they do make a really great design accent.  

Minny Muu

Personally, I love Japanese fabrics, particularly kawaii. The cute cartoon characters and environs tickle and excite my imagination. Currently I'm digging Minny Muu, which has probably the most adorable Big Bad Wolf character ever. 

Those are ours, so how about you? What are your favorite bundles? What might you be purchasing with the BUNDLE25 sale, and what awesome new thing are you going to make with it?