Introducing Rayons!

Sinister Swarm Rayon in Tangerine by Anna Maria Horner
Rayon! It's a semi-synthetic miracle fabric. Made from wood pulp, it's washable and soft, with great drape - a great choice for garments. It's one of Rae Hoekstra's top five favorite fabrics for clothing. If you are looking for a bit more in depth information, Anna Maria Horner has some nice posts about Rayon: this one is about how it appears, and this one is about how it washes.

Coordinates Rayon in Cyprus by Anna Maria Horner

The care is easy - wash it in cold water on the delicate cycle, hang to dry, or use a low heat dryer setting, and iron at a medium setting (Anna Maria Horner recommends the wool setting.)

Flora Rayon in Berry by Annette Tatum
If you've worked with cotton voile, or lawns, it's fairly similar in its texture: silky smooth with a little bit of shine, a fairly dressy fabric. But it's a heavier weight, making it also perfect for skirts and dresses, as well as shirts. And it comes as a 58" fabric - so you get a lot for your money!

And what should we make with it? It's a fabric primarily intended for garments. Flowy, drapey garments! Here are a few suggestions from our apparel patterns:

Weekend Getaway blouse and dress by Liesl and Co.

The Date Night Dress by April Rhodes

Washi Dress by Rae Hoekstra

I hope you're inspired to try this exciting fabric in a garment for yourself!