All of the Solids: pattern suggestions

In continuation of my post last week, I wanted to share a few pattern suggestions for using solids (lots of great colors found here!). Some of these are old favorites, and some are brand new to me.

First up, there's Arithmetic by Jeni Baker and Bourbon Street by Sassafras Lane. These bold, graphic quilts work well in solids!

There's also Chain Link by Esch House Quilts and Echo Star by Wise Craft. These designs offer more negative space (great for a blend of similar colors!), but equally bold statements.

Last up, there's Orbits by Amy Stevenson and Crosshatch by Empty Bobbin. Solids add depth to designs like these.

In addition to these lovely designs, don't be afraid to try your favorite patchwork elements in solids. You might be surprised by the effect!

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