Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spring Quilt Market Trends

For the last installment of spring Quilt Market posts, we’ll share some trends we saw on the market floor! We had a lot of new lines and new products to look at so we’re going to break down the whole lot to a few key things you’ll be seeing quite a bit in the coming months.There was so much to soak in but a few elements were everywhere.

First off, the deer is the animal of the year. From Tula Pink's feature print in her new collection "Moonshine" to Violet Craft's "Brambleberry Ridge", fabric lines and booth decor alike showcased deer.

From "Moonshine" by Tula Pink

From Joel Dewberry's "Birch Farm"

From Joel Dewbery's booth

From Dear Stella

From Violet Craft's "Forest Abstraction" pattern using fabric from "Brambleberry Ridge"

Sateen Echino prints

Wool appliqué from Heidi Boyd

The infamous Harvey the Deer from Emily Herrick's booth

Second, metallics have arrived. We’ve seen metallic inks slowly work their way into the occasional collection but many designers will be featuring hints of metallic in upcoming lines not only in feature prints, but in basics and blenders. 

Cotton + Steel

Echino sateen

Violet Craft's "Brambleberry Ridge"

Another trend we’re noticing is that designers and manufacturers are including more diversity in substrates. Collections are more often including options in knit, lawn, sateen, linen, voile, and even wool. 

Hand dyed, hand stamped fabrics by Alison Glass for Andover

Wool bundle from Alison Glass

Garment sewers rejoice! But garments aren’t the only uses for these textures. Lots of project display quilts featured varying textures to bring a new dimension to quilting.

Art Gallery booths showcasing voiles and knits

Sew Caroline's Caroline Hulse with a project made with voile from her new collection "Gleeful"

Next, among the many pastels, there were a couple key colors in multiple lines coming out this year— peach and aqua. Across the board, we saw countless subtle variations of a fresh, light peach or coral shade and clean and dreamy aqua.

Michael Miller Modern Basics

Cotton + Steel

"Fanfare" by Rae Hoekstra for Cloud 9 

Michael Miller booth inspiration wall

Cotton + Steel

Kenzie Mac booth decor and bags

Finally, let’s look at blenders. We saw lots of geometric prints, like plus signs or triangles (think back to those gold metallic triangles from Violet Craft), placed in a sparse print with lots of negative space.

Zen Chic by Brigitte Heitland from Moda

Hand dyed, hand stamped fabrics by Alison Glass for Andover

Cotton + Steel basics

What trends are you loving? Which ones will you pass on?


  1. Lots to look forward to here! Thank you for the little peeks and also for spotting the trends. I love the deers but will likely pass on most of those as I live in Australia where we have no wild deer. The metallics will be nice in moderation as will the beautiful fresh pastels.

    1. Aww! Where we are in Michigan, the deer are absolutely everywhere! It's like a little bit of home for us worked into these big lines. I'm glad you're liking everything you see! Keep posted for when more of these lines come out :)

  2. I'm loving all the fresh looking pastels, and I'm a sucker for aqua these days. I am amused by all the animals being "'featured" in fabrics these days - owls, foxes, and now deer. I made a quilt with Joel Dewberry's "Deer Valley" a few years ago & loved the deer fabric, now I guess I will have plenty to choose from! :) I'm curious about the metallics though - will they be hard to sew through like the white on white fabrics usually are?

    1. Yes, you will definitely have your pick of the deer prints!! I'm not sure about issues with metallics so far. I haven't had an issue with the Cotton + Steel metallic basics so that issue may vary between manufacturers/inks. I hope they won't be too tricky because I'm dying to work more of them into my projects!