Thursday, July 10, 2014

Announcing Our Cotton+Steel Giveaway Winner!

If you know Esther Lodico, tell her congratulations because she's the winner of our Cotton+Steel giveaway! She'll be receiving one fat quarter of each print from the Cotton+Steel imprint...more than 100 fat quarters!

Thanks to everyone who collected their cards...we hope you had fun! And congratulations again to Esther...have fun with all you new Cotton+Steel fabric!

In other Cotton+Steel news, our first shipment should be arriving next week, and we'll be receiving additional shipments throughout the month of July. We can't say when any specific order will ship, but we'll be fulfilling as many orders as we can from each shipment. It's almost here everyone!


  1. Brilliant, was getting a bit anxious. It's already in the UK, that''s a first , we're usually way behind

    1. Yeah! You never can tell when those boats are going to arrive. We wish ours was here now, but not everyone can be first I guess. :)