Soak and Flatter

Before I really considered myself a sewer and a quilter, I was a knitter. I still am. In fact, I learned to knit in 2007. I've knit many items, including hats, socks, and even a sweater or two.

I've used Soak to wash my handknits from the very beginning. It was one of the first tricks I learned. Soak is a great way to gently wash your handknit items, and it doesn't require rinsing. You can also use it for your delicate laundry, or even handmade clothing made from fine fabrics (like voile or lawn).

And now, there's Flatter, for the sewing side of life. It's starch-free, and made from plant derived and renewable ingredients. It's environmentally friendly (you can even see the little imperfections in the bottles, which are made from recycled resin). It's mild, too, and all of these products are made in the same factories and with the same attention as various skincare lines, making them some of the kindest available for your skin and allergies.

So whether you are a knitter, a sewer, a quilter, or all of the above, I recommend you try a Soak product. There are lotions and nail polishes, too, if you ever have time for that!

You can find all of our Soak offerings here.

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