Cotton + Steel Club- August

Cotton + Steel Club has officially begun!! Our first month of subscriptions have just gone out and now we can happily share with you what all our subscribers will be getting in their mailboxes in the coming days.

As many of you (hopefully) know, we were so excited about Cotton + Steel as a new company, we wanted to create a new club as a way for people to acquire this massive collection.

We knew a lot of people wanted the entire collection but buying 102 prints all at one time is expensive, not to mention overwhelming. Cotton + Steel Club will let you slowly add it to your stash.

Each month, Brenda and our staff will choose 12 prints, remixing pieces of each of the designers' collections as well as basics. All our remix bundles will be completely unique to our shop! Mixing and matching within each of the collections really is the most fun part because all the prints and colors play so well together.

The first six months of the club (August through January) will consist of prints from this first summer collection. Don't worry, you'll never receive a particular color of a print more than once. So we may use a print in more than one month's bundle, but we'll always use a color way that you haven't received yet.

After the first six months, starting with February, we'll start mixing in prints from the new collections. I know, the mere thought of another 100+ prints is overwhelming. But it's coming and we all need to mentally prepare ourselves for it.

Here's a list of all the prints we used in our August bundle:
If you'd like to subscribe to the club beginning with September, go here!!