Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Loveliness

We've started buzzing about something new we're offering and hopefully you've heard a bit about it already! But I want to take a minute to look at this a little more closely: our Liberty of London stash boxes.

Here's the deal: right now, you can reserve a stash box of 45 Liberty of London Tana lawn fat sixteenths for $100. But, if 120 stash boxes are ordered, everybody gets an additional five fat sixteenths for free! That makes over three yards of fabric to use in super luxurious projects or just to beef up your stash. So when you buy your box, tell all of your friends so that everybody can get more of that Tana lawn goodness without any extra cost.

I know a lot of people see that price tag and have a bit of sticker shock. But Liberty Tana lawn is unlike any other fabric in production. The hand is so light and soft you would swear it was a cotton/silk blend. But no, Tana lawn is just made from incredibly high quality, long staple cotton that's spun extremely thin and tightly woven.

Even compared to other lawns, Liberty Tana lawn is a completely different animal. The cotton harvested for this fabric came from the shores of Lake Tana in Ethiopia. This area of sub-Saharan Africa is known for growing a unique strain of cotton plants that make up less than 2% of all cotton production in the world.

Liberty of London Tana lawn first became popular in the 1920's with the emergence of the company's tiny, ditsy florals-- what we now think of as iconic Liberty prints. Now, almost 140 years after Arthur Liberty opened his first shop, Liberty of London is staying true to their original idea of making modern interpretations of classic, historical costuming of the 1800's rather than following the trends of fashion.

I love that each of the accessories in this print features a different classic Liberty print!

It's nearly impossible to do justice to the quality and history of Liberty of London fabrics, Tana lawn in particular. The drape, durability, and easy care of Tana lawn makes it great for garment sewing, whether it's lightweight summer wear or layered under warm winter woolies. A quilt made entirely of tana lawn is completely indulgent, but the kind of indulgent that everyone should treat themselves to.

It's tough to pass up this stash box offer after knowing all that now, isn't it? About 45 people have already reserved theirs! Now feels like a good time to reserve a few for you and all your Liberty loving friends too. And don't forget-- we still have yardage of eleven prints and bundles listed in the shop now!

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