Friday, September 5, 2014

September Stash Stack!

Stash Stack Club


It's September

Summer is winding down but September's Stash Stack offers one last hurrah before giving way to falling leaves, and later on, falling snow. Enjoy these aqua and teals...they remind me of the ocean and the beach, or maybe a quiet day on one of Michigan's many lakes. 

Here's what we've got for you this month:  

1. Sketch In Teal - Timeless Treasures
2. Kiss Dot in Teal - Michael Miller
3. Oval Elements in Blue Lagoon - Art Gallery
4. Passionate Spirit in Teal - Pat Bravo
5. Meadow in Dew - Bonnie Christine
6. Script in Turquoise - Art Gallery
7. Country Ducks in Aqua - Tasha Noel
8. Fancy Stripe in Teal -
Cute Plaid in Aqua
9. Lazy Hexagon in Teal - Lori Whitlock
10. Dumb Dot in Robin- Michael Miller
11. Stitch Square in Ocean - Michael Miller
12. Cute Plaid in Aqua - Michael Miller

And, of course, if you're not a Stash Stack member but want to become one, click here and welcome to the club!


  1. thanks so much for posting the fabric info for September's Stash Stack club - any chance of getting the July and August info ? if you can't post it on the blog could you possibly email the lists to me ? daisyandjack at hotmail dot com - thanks :)

    1. I'll see what I can do, but we may not have any of those bundles left...which means we'll have to pull a list together from memory. Unfortunately, that's harder to do than it seems sometimes!

  2. thanks Renee - is the October list available ? I received a gorgeous green polka dots - its riley blake but doesn't have any other info - thanks leanne

    1. also just paid for the November stack - hoping there will be info on that one listed too :) thanks