Handcrafted by Alison Glass has arrived!!

Alison Glass has been working with Andover on this new collection of fabrics for a while now and we're so excited to finally get them in stock. Let's take a closer look at Alison Glass Handcrafted.

Plus in Teal, Chartreuse, and Lagoon (more on prints below)
Handcrafted is a collection of hand dyed and hand stamped prints (hence the name). It's no surprise that Alison's color choices are all absolutely stunning and the prints are a modern, minimalistic, and clean take on a traditional batik processed fabrics. Take note though, these are nothing like any batik you've seen before. I feel like these prints really redefine how modern quilters see batik-processed/hand dyed fabrics.

The batik process is a really labor intensive and fascinating thing. Basically, batiks are any fabrics that are hand dyed and printed with a wax resist (so wax is applied to the fabric and then it's dyed and the spots that had wax on them don't absorb the dye-- salts are often applied too to give that textured crackly look). The batiks many of us think of are hand dyed with a really improvisational method and it's almost random how the wax and dye lie. Alison worked with Andover to take these ancient techniques for fabric dyeing and create something completely new and modern. Each of these fabrics is meticulously stamped to convey exactly the look and feel Alison has imagined.

Handcrafted includes five prints: Bouquet, Plus, Geese, Penny, and Petal (a gorgeous border print).

Bouquet in Duck Egg. Also in Ruby and Yarrow

Plus in Shortbread. Also in Chartreuse,  Lagoon, Strawberry, and Teal.
Geese in Lichen. Also in Storm, Graphite, and Tomato.
Penny in Fossil. Also in Beet, Peacock, and Navy.
Petal in Charcoal. Also in Eggplant.