New Collections from Art Gallery Fabrics

Hello, blog friends!

This week, Art Gallery debuted ten new lines (!!!) that will be released this spring and summer, leading into fall. There's tons to see so let's take a look.

Anna Elise is the latest collection from Bari J. This line features bunnies, guitars, and free spirited florals with the namesake young girl on horseback. I love the teal and orange tones in this line as well as teeny tiny pops of metallic! Anna Elise arrives in shops in May.

We had Caroline Hulse's first collection, Gleeful, when she debuted her fabric designing skills as an Art Gallery Limited Edition designer last spring. She's been hired on to AGF's permanent design team with her new line Happy Home. My favorite prints are that bias scallopy stripe, her big hand painted text, and cutesy cartoon houses. Love the rich navy with all those bright colors! Happy Home arrives in stores in May as well.

So happy to have a new collection from Jeni Baker!! Her color palette with this line, titled Curiosities, is so rich and gorgeous and the prints are adorable (as usual). I love the scallop but my favorite print, by far, is the bunnies! George the bunny is on fabric!! Just when I thought Jeni's fabric couldn't get any cuter, she does that. Curiosities ships out in June.

We still have Skopelos coming from Katarina Roccella in May but in this unveiling, we get to see TWO more collections from this busy lady! First is Imprint. Prints in this line are wonderfully clean and geometric, drawing inspiration from printmaking and linotype. The colors on this one will play really well with Etno and Maker, if you have some of those in your stash. Imprint arrives in stores in June. 

Sketchbook is Sharon Holland's second collection with Art Gallery. Lots of soft pinks, greens, and gold accented with rich indigo in these prints. I love the pen and ink prints-- they look like scans from a page of my own sketchbook! Other favorites are the scattered square blender and big poofy dandelion wisps. Sketchbook ships to stores in July.

April Rhodes's third collection from Art Gallery, Bound, comes out this summer. Much like her first two, Bound has southwestern vibes. Her rich color palette is my favorite thing about April's line and this one introduces a gorgeous jade green and cerulean blue, both of which I'm gushing over, combined with signature golden mustard, burnt orange, and soft, warm greys (all of which I have happily come to expect from April). Bound arrives in stores in July.

Playing Pop is the next house designed line from Art Gallery. With prints ranging from floral to abstract, this line will be super versatile and will play well with tons in our stashes (Geometric Bliss, a little Petal and Plume, Dreamin' Vintage perhaps?) with minty greens, soft plums, and sugary pink on creamy backgrounds. Playing Pop ships out in August.

Pat Bravo's Artisan is a nod to handmade craft and makers who create them. Colors in this collection are wonderfully saturated and prints nod to quilting, watercolors, embroidery, and the natural texture of textiles.  Artisan ships to stores in August.

New from Bonnie Christine is Succulence.  This line features pen and ink style line drawings of cacti and other flora, polygons, rain drops, and several great low volume prints. Her colors vary from rich jewel tones to fresh pastels. My favorite print is definitely those prickly pear cacti! Succulence arrives in shops in September.

Last, and certainly not least, is Wonderland, Katarina Roccella's second collection from Art Gallery in this unveiling. As an clear nod to Alice in Wonderland, this collection takes us all on a trip down the rabbit hole. Tea sets, camouflaged owls, whimsical flowers and dolls all make big statements in this new take on a classic tale. Wonderland ships to stores in September.

Check out this look book for bigger swatches of all the prints from these collections!

What are you guys excited for? Any collections you're thrilled about? Are there trends you'll pass on?