Janome Kickoff Sale!

To celebrate our new inventory of Janome sewing machines, we have some awesome deals for you guys! Essentially, when you purchase a new Janome machine, you'll earn 10% of that price tag back in notions and/or gift cards! This sale is only going on through the weekend (ending June 28th, 2015 at midnight) so take advantage of these while you can. Here's a little more info on our special offer machines:

The Horizon Memory Craft 12000 is one of Janome's top of the line machines and it's absolutely incredible. This machine includes an astounding 425 different stitches including 10 alphabets to stitch with, 91 needle positions, 11" of throat space, and does everything you might need in terms of embroidery. There is almost nothing this machine can't do! When you purchase a 12000 through the Janome Kickoff Sale at $6999, you'll receive $700 worth of goodies to go along with it!!

First, you'll get a $320 gift card for Pink Castle-- that's essentially cash back in your pocket for fabric, patterns, thread, you name it. Next, you'll receive $200 worth of notions including Aurifil, Wonder Clips, Olfa rotary blades, Schmetz machine needles, and Tulip hand sewing needles and pins. PLUS, because the 12000 is so embroidery-capable, you'll receive our limited edition embroidery package including $180 worth of embroidery thread and a thread color card! That's an insane amount of freebies!
Click here for all the details about the Memory Craft 12000 and to purchase yours!

Love machine embroidery? We've got you covered! Janome offers a range of stand alone embroidery machines including the MB-4S, pictured above. The MB-4S is an incredible four needle embroidery machine for your home. With memory to store up to 100 different embroidery designs and patterns, this machine is an embroiderer's dream. Plus, when you order an MB-4S during the Janome Kickoff Sale, you'll also receive $420 to spend at Pink Castle and a massive kit of embroidery thread worth $180! We also have the Memory Craft 350E and 200E if you're looking to venture into the world of individual embroidery machines but maybe aren't ready for the power of the MB-4S. Those machines will come with $130 and $50 Pink Castle gift certificates, respectively. 

Click here to find out more about the MB-4S embroidery machine!

Next up is the Memory Craft JNH 7700QCP, or the 7700 for short. If you like the appeal of the 12000's capability to do everything but are maybe overwhelmed by all it has to offer, the 7700 would be a comfortable machine for you. For $2499, the 7700 still features 250 stitches, including 3 alphabets, 11 different one-step buttonholes, and still offers 11" of throat space. Plus, the 7700 still comes with a $50 Pink Castle gift certificate and $200 worth of notions including Aurifil, Wonder Clips, Olfa rotary blades, Schmetz machine needles, and Tulip hand sewing needles and pins. 

Click here for details about the Memory Craft JNH7700QCP and to order yours!

Next up, we have the 1600P-QC and the Memory Craft 6300 Pro. These machines are both priced at $999 but are very different machines appealing to different needs. I thought I'd break that down a little bit for you guys!

The 1600P-QC is a true workhorse machine. It is a mechanical straight stitch machine meaning there is no computer helping monitor your tension, stitch length/width, etc. But it gets its name from the fact that it sews 1600 stitches per minute. That figure seems abstract until you see how insanely fast that is! This machine only sews straight stitches so if you need zigzags or anything fancy, this machine won't do it. But, if you're a quilter, this machine is your dream. Your piecing and quilting come together so much faster on one of these. The 1600P is a favorite machine of many professional quilters and sewists! You can order your 1600P-QC here.

The Memory Craft 6300 Pro is a more versatile machine. With 66 stitches, 4 one-step button holes, automatic tension control, and the ability to program up to 50 stitch combinations, the 6300 is definitely more well-rounded than the 1600P. If you're looking for an affordable machine that can do it all, the 6300 is your girl. You can order your Memory Craft 6300 Pro here.

And, of course, both of these machines come with extras! Whether it's the 1600P or 6300 that's calling your name, you'll be able to take home $100 worth of notions including Wonder Clips, Olfa rotary blades, Schemtz machine needles, Aurifil, and Tulip hand sewing needles and pins when you place your order before the 28th.

Last, and certainly not least, is the DC2015. The DC2015 performs 60 stitches, including 6 one-step buttonholes, and all the conveniences of a high-end machine like easy reverse buttons, auto lock stitch, and speed control slider all in a small, lightweight, and adorable machine. I personally brought one of these home just a couple weeks ago! Portable enough to take to sewing retreats and dependable enough for every day use, the DC2015 is a great if you're looking to buy your first or are looking for a backup. Plus, when you order before the 28th, this little guy comes with a $50 notions kit including Wonder Clips, two large spools of Aurifil, Schmetz sewing machine needles, as well as Tulip hand sewing needles and glass head pins.
Click here to order your own DC2015!

An Important Note about Janome Machines

  1. Per Janome's policies, we cannot ship sewing machines internationally. We are more than happy to supply any Janome parts and accessories such as feet, bobbins, software, etc anywhere across the world. Luckily, those things are all pretty universal!
  2. Coupon codes will not be applicable on sewing machines. Again, as per Janome policies, machines must be sold no less than their designated price thus discount codes will not be honored on the purchase of a machine.
  3. Because these machines are larger and heavier than fabric, shipping will take a little bit longer than your standard orders from Pink Castle. Please allow 7-10 business days for machine shipping!