New Art Gallery Bundle Club line up!

Art Gallery Club NEW Line Up!
New collections for the Art Gallery bundle club!  If you are fan of the soft and lovely fabrics from Art Gallery, then this is the club for you.  Each month you get 20 prints featuring one of the beautiful collections from Art Gallery!  You can choose what size you want your fabrics!

Fat Eighths (9" x 22") = $25 + shipping
Fat Quarters (18" x 22")  = $50 + shipping
Half Yards (18" x 44") = $98.00 + shipping
This season Art Gallery has introduced some new and exciting collection concepts.  In February we are shipping two of the new Capsules collections.  These are 10 print collections based on a theme.  Next month for March we are shipping two of Art Gallery's new Fusion collections.  These feature 10 prints from past collections.  BUT they are all recolored to match one lovely color palette!  (I REALLY love this idea!)

In April we welcome a new line from Amy Sinibaldi!  Her Charleston collection and matching Les Petits basics are part of Art Gallery's new Angles division.  This will showcase more geometric and modern fabrics than the painterly florals that are staples in the AGF lineup.  These collections will have less than 20 prints so they will have a few matching basics added in for the club.

Here is the club line up preview for the next few months:
February 2017
March 2017
April 2017 (Charleston full collection + 4 basics from Les Petits)
May 2017
June 2017

Art Gallery Club info and sign up!

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