Chocolatier Block of the Month - February

Hi everyone!

Each month we will be sharing the current Chocolatier Block with you - we're grateful you've chosen to sew with us!

For all of the blocks in the Chocolatier quilt, we recommend pressing all seams open. Some of the pieces in these blocks can get small and pressing open can help reduce bulk when multiple seams collide.

First, we'll be making 8 HST. Make sure to square them up to 2 1/2 x 2 1/2! 

I find it easier to make all the HST face the same direction (in this case the dark brown on the bottom right), then I go through and flip them to make them fit the block pattern. 
The final step is sewing the blocks together. Start by sewing the HST into 3 rows and then sew those rows together. 
 On to the next block! 

Make sure to be precise with these Stitch-n-Flips! They should measure 2 X 2 1/2.

Then we will add the Caramel rectangles to the Stitch-n-Flips which makes them into 2 1/2" squares. 

And there we have it - our second month of blocks are complete! 
When you've finished this month's blocks, hop on over to Instagram and show them off using the hashtags #chocolatiersampler and #PCFchocolatier - we love seeing what you make!

See you next month! - Kara