Sewing with Knits - Millie Kids Dress Tutorial

Hi everyone!

This past year we brought in a great selection of jersey knits to Pink Castle Fabrics, and we've been having fun learning to make garments.

When I (Kara) came across this super cute cute (and FREE) pattern from Mix it Make it, I knew I had to try it out. You can find all the pattern pieces and steps on her website, but I thought it would be fun to show you how I made mine.

I would say this pattern is great for a beginner. It's simple, but that ruffle adds some fun!

First things first: this pattern is listed in metric measurements, so you're going to want to use a conversion calculator (like this one) if you're used to imperial measurements.

I choose to use Wire Flowers Foil in knit from Art Gallery Fabrics. I love that the neutral color palette makes it wearable in any season. This pattern only required 1 yard, too.

First, print out your three pattern pieces and lay them on the fabric to cut out. I like using pattern weights so that I don't have to pin into the fabric.

You'll also be cutting out a skirt piece and the 2 ruffles. Here are my pieces all cut out.

Next, you'll take the dress top pattern and fold it along the vertical line. Place the pattern piece on the fabric and draw a line to mark the ruffle placement.
You'll want to do this on both the front and back piece. I marked the lines in pink, below, so that you could see where they line up. 

Now you're going to sew the shoulder seams right sides together. I used a serger, but you can also use the overlock stitch on a regular sewing machine.

This part is scary! cut along the lines you drew to divide the top into 3 separate pieces. 

Take your two ruffle pieces (the long rectangles) and gather them using a long stitch on your sewing machine. 

Line up the ruffle right sides together along the cut sides of the middle top piece. Mark the middle of the ruffle with a pin, this will make placing the ruffle much easier. 

Make a sandwich with the far side, ruffle, and middle top piece as shown. Sew through the three layers making sure the ruffles are evenly distributed.
Here are the ruffles sewn in place.  

Next, you'll attach both sleeves at the shoulder seams
Turn the shirt inside out and sew along the side seam and sleeve seam.
We're getting close! Now onto the skirt. Sew the rectangle together to create on continuous loop. Then hem the skirt and sleeves. I did this by using a coverstitch machine. It made is SO easy to get a great looking hem. 

Quick tip: use duck bill scissors to trip your hem. The bill keeps the tips from accidentally cutting the fabrics and makes it so easy to get a close trim. I used these and love them! 

You're also going to want to turn under the neckband of your dress. I used a stretch stitch on the Janome Skyline S7 machine and it worked beautifully. 

There we go! A super easy, and extremely cute dress all ready to wear. 

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